Polyamide DTF Printing Hot Melt Adhesive Powder

Hot melt adhesive powder is a copolyamide hot melt adhesive product with high comprehensive performance. It has a low melting point, moderate melting index, and wide pressing range. It can be used for coating, fabric lamination, shaping cloth, printing and filtering materials, automobile interior decoration, hot drilling, and printing paste of various clothing linings. etc.

Product description

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Product Features: 

▶  No deformation under high-temperature pressing, strong adhesion, and soft hand feeling.

▶  The melting point is low, the melting finger is moderate, and the pressing range is wide.

▶  Dry cleaning and washing resistance are excellent. When used with hot melt glue, it can improve its washing resistance again.

▶  Does not contain toluene, is non-toxic, does not contain fluorescent agents, and is an environmentally friendly product.


  TPU Polyurethane    


  80-170 mesh 



  Melting Range

  118℃ - 128℃ 

  Melt Index 


  Melt Point(DSC)

  110℃ - 120℃

  Washable Property   



  White powder


●  Packing specification: 20KG/bag, 1KG/bag can be packed according to customer requirements. Store in a cool dry place with good ventilation.

●  The shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date of production when the product is unopened and packaged in good condition and under normal storage conditions.

●  Before mass production, you must first try to print a small sample, and then proceed to mass production; after opening, please keep it sealed.

●  Wear protective masks and gloves during operation. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, please wash with plenty of water and seek medical attention in time. 

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